Have you often scrolled through social media and thought, “ What are they thinking?”. This is followed by an immediate response from you. After pouring your heart into the words you have written, the person you have intended to accept your plight, only respond with “Yeah, I know what you mean.” But you lack the words and wisdom to express how they must open their eyes to learn their ways of error.

There is what I have heard explained as a “ Social Veil”. As Ryan Kraus ( podcaster with innate insight and meaningful words in the podcast “ Cold Case Murder Mysteries”) has explained to the world. This is an almost hopeless endeavor, countless hours spent trying to find one person to hear you reach out to the world. Yet, you feel unsatisfied. Pushing yourself to the limit and exposing yourself as a caring individual has left you empty. But why?

What you are trying to accomplish has been done before. As humans we tend to “ See it to believe it”. However, one simple sentence collectively delivered just right will change the mood. Many people have neglected to approach me due to my posture, stance and “assumed” demeanor. Upon discussing this with them and laughing at the notion I really need to make myself clear.

The world we live in is turning with or without you. But, just in case you decide to live in it with me, you will notice these things. Posture creates an ambiance of energy (positive and negative). Facial expression is the very first “noticeable” sign. Short sentences create tension. But the last and most noticeable trait is how well you converse with your peers. Keep reading for a better understanding.

Posture, the most overlooked aspect when approaching someone. Standing with your arms crossed or relaxed?

  • Be guarded, but only for a moment to assess the situation.

Your facial expression, is it questionable? Are you peering or looking?

  • Understand that they are unsure too.

Are your sentences short and undirected at the person discussing this topic with you?

  • Give them your all, every word is more powerful than none at all.

Do you avoid talking to the individual due to reservation about their personality?

  • Personality? You have just met them. Don’t assume.

Back to business.

You may be thinking “ Nic, how does any of this correlate with changing the world?” I will simply say.

“The world isn’t an internet platform for the world to see, it is a conversation directed with human emotion where just two are present.”

Sure, say everything you would like. Try this, write a paragraph to someone on social media then tell me your result. Show someone in your own words, that specific paragraph… to their face. Express your deepest feelings in the “Real world”. Give them your attention. You will see the difference.

We must find the common ground, the moderation between humans and technology.

After all, you must Be Safe. Be Kind. We Are HUMANS!!